Gorka Argues ‘Whiteness’ Culture Is Superior To ‘Blackness Or Yellowness’

Screengrab / America First with Sebastian Gorka / YouTube


"If we have to replace it with, I don't know, blackness or yellowness, what does that mean?"

Sebastian Gorka argued for the superiority of “whiteness” during his radio show on Thursday, according to Media Matters.

  • Gorka took a question from a caller, who asked: “If white culture values are bad, how does the African-American History Museum suggest we live our lives? Do they offer any suggestions for what we should do otherwise?”
  • The host, who formerly who served as a Deputy Assistant to President Trump, offered a flippant answer, saying:

“Good question. No, no, no -- you have to kneel down, okay, and you have to flagellate yourself. You have to whip yourself, okay? It's just -- it's just that whiteness is bad, Dave, don't you understand? Whiteness is bad.”

  • Gorka went on rave about the accomplishments of white people and western civilization such as representative democracy and gender equality:

“When you look at the western civilization, when you look at representative democracy, you look at rule of law, you look at equality before the law, you look at equality of the sexes.”

  • He then turned to the perceived shortcomings of African culture, such as female genital mutilation or slave markets in Libya.
  • He questioned the attack on whiteness and wondered if the alternative would be replacing it with “blackness or yellowness,” which he insinuated are inferior:

“If whiteness is bad, then what do we replace it with?

If we have to replace it with, I don't know, blackness or yellowness, what does that mean?

Does it mean that some cultures are better than others? Oops -- I thought we weren't allowed to say that.”

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