Gorka: Americans Should Welcome Iranian Strikes Because Now They Can Retaliate

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Sebastian Gorka said Iran "chose the wrong time and the wrong president" to bring its warfare out into the open.

Sebastian Gorka, a former adviser in President Donald Trump’s White House, said this week that Americans “should welcome” Iran’s missile strikes in Iraq targeting U.S. troops, according to Newsweek.

Speaking on Fox Business to host Lou Dobbs, Gorka said Trump could now unleash “holy hell” on Iran, calling the country’s move a “massive miscalculation.”

“Paradoxically, we should welcome what they have decided to do because now they have done in the open what they have been doing against us and our friends for decades in the asymmetric warfare domain,” Gorka explained.

“[N]ow there can be no question that Iran is a threat to American national security,” he continued. “You don't have to be an expert in terrorism or irregular warfare to know that Iran is an imminent danger to our country, to our citizens, to our servicemen and women."

But, Gorka said, Iran “chose the wrong time and president” to make its move: "This president will unleash holy hell on that regime. Not against the people of Persia, but against the murderous mullahs that have created a theocratic dictatorship that is a pariah and the greatest sponsor of state terrorism in the world today.”

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Gorka is part of Hillary’s child pornography ring. #TrumpKilledEpstien.


It's so sad that the USA had to murder almost 200 people just so we may get a little support from an allied country even if it's only Canada.

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