GOPer Seeks To Restrict Abortion Because Women Aren’t Having “Enough Babies”

Screengrab / Richard Collins / Youtube

Collins wants to ban abortions after 20 weeks in Delaware because women aren’t having “enough babies.”

Republican Delaware state Representative Richard Collins this week announced that he was supporting an anti-abortion proposal because women are not reproducing the American population quickly enough, Raw Story reports.

Collins explained to WGMD-FM on Tuesday that his bill would mandate women hear the fetal heartbeat prior to receiving an abortion, and a second bill would ban abortions altogether after 20 weeks.

“God is moving in strange and wonderful ways, folks,” he said. “Gun bills that we’ve talked about will save essentially no lives because it will have no impact on criminals getting of keeping their guns. But every single year, we kill hundreds of people in abortions.”

He continued, "You know, we have a massive problem in this country. Our birthrate is way, way below replacement [levels]. You know, we are just not having enough babies.”

Collins claimed that women are “doing away” with their fetuses “before they have a chance to grow into these people that we need to support us.”

“These bills are very, very minor,” he said. “All that we’re adding is, let them see the baby moving within them and let them hear the heartbeat… Just add the ability to see it move—live action—and they say about 75% of the women will not do the abortion.”

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