GOPer: Cancer Patients Should Go To The Emergency Room For Treatment


Erin Burnett (CNN Host): “What do you say to Tiffany? I mean, she’s a Republican, but she wouldn’t be alive, she wouldn’t be here without that Medicaid expansion in Obamacare.”

From CNN Interview:

> Congressman Ron Desantis (R-FL): Well, if you remember when Obamacare was enacted, there were millions of people who had their health care canceled. And so there are stories of people who had certain needs, cancer or whatnot, who got pushed into policies that they didnt want, and then they didnt have the same coverage that they had because of the broken promise. So I think this law has really created a lot of different aspects. I would say though, and people who supported Obamacare used to make this point a lot before it passed, there really is no lack of health care.If people really need it, they show up to the emergency room, they do get care, it just gets passed on to other folks.**


> Erin Burnett (CNN Host): But she had $1 million in cancer treatments. Youre not going to get that by showing up in an emergency room.

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Great idea send the cancer patients to the land of the nine hundred dollar aspirin.

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