GOP State Sen: Removing Confederate Statues Is About ‘Erasing’ White History

Artivia Tahir

Virginia state senator Amanda Chase criticizes the decision to remove a Confederate statue

Republican Virginia state senator Amanda Chase blasted Governor Ralph Northam’s decision to remove the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in the state capital of Richmond, according to Raw Story.

  • In a Facebook live broadcast, the state senator — who has announced she plans to run for governor in 2021 — suggested that the removal was an act against white people:

“It disturbs me whenever I see people — let’s be honest, there is an overt effort here to erase all white history,” she said. “That’s what they’re looking at doing. Listen, our grandfathers were guilty of slavery, and that is wrong … but that wasn’t all that Lee and others were known for. They did other things. You know, there is not one human being who has not committed a sin.”

  • She added that she thought the removal is “all about shoving this down people’s throats and erasing the history of the white people.”

According to ABC 13 News, “Northam directed the statue to be moved off its massive pedestal and put into storage while his administration seeks input on a new location” and said “said they will work with the community to determine its future.”

The statements given by Senator Chase reflect the wide range of sentiments regarding the renewed movement to remove Confederate monuments, triggered by the death of George Floyd.

She has created a petition in hopes of saving the Lee monument.

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Thank you for aknowledge white heritage is based on slavery and racial tension. But what did you do to fix it, if you aren't racist?


I'm truly amazed to learn that "white history" began in the antebellum south. Whose going to tell the Greeks?


I can assure you nothing has been erased but to have statuses representing those that did play a big part in slavery she not be a sign a representation for USA . Put in your yard and worship thier sins. He is trying to correct so many idealized wrongs that have been made! I'm sure he is working many other projects too! Good for him! Shame on you.

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