GOP Staffer Caught Spying On House Judiciary Committee Democrats During Meetings

Screengrab/Washington Post/YouTube


The Hill reporter Olivia Bears tweeted that a Republican staffer was found spying on House Democrats over the weekend.

According to RawStory, Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee discovered a Republican staffer spying on their meetings over the weekend.

The staffer, reportedly from the Ways and Means Committee, “was ultimately discovered and ran out of the committee room once it was discovered she was there,” Olivia Bears reported on Twitter. Bears is a writer for The Hill.

“A Judiciary source says the committee, which has been practicing for their Monday impeachment hearing this whole weekend, came across a female GOP Ways and Means staffer in the hearing room today, but that she ran out once discovered,” Bears tweeted.

Democrats' impeachment proceedings have moved from the House Intelligence Committee to the Judiciary Committee, which is currently conducting hearings as Democratic leaders work to determine potential articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

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