GOP Senator: Working People Would Blow Tax Cuts On ‘Booze’ and ‘Women’

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Unlike the working class, Sen. Chuck Grassley claims the wealthy would invest their tax money.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) had some choice words regarding the estate tax, seemingly throwing the average American under the bus for not saving and investing more money. After taking heat over the comments, on Monday the senator offered clarification of those remarks.

“My point regarding the estate tax, which has been taken out of context, is that the government shouldn’t seize the fruits of someone’s lifetime of labor after they die,” Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley said in a statement. “The question is one of basic fairness, and working to create a tax code that doesn’t penalize frugality, saving and investment.”

At issue were comments indicating the senator prizes wealthy investors over the average working class American:

“I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.”

The vast majority of U.S. citizens are unaffected by the estate tax.

Under current law, when someone dies the estate owes taxes on the value of assets transferred to heirs above $5.5 million for individuals and $11 million for couples. The Senate bill doubles those limits but does not repeal the tax. The House bill initially doubles the limits and then repeals the entire tax after 2023.

Like many of his Republican colleagues, Grassley raised the legitimate problem of this tax burden adversely affecting those looking to pass down a family farm or other small business, though the Tax Policy Center estimates only about 80 such enterprises will encounter estate tax in 2017.

Grassley, in his statement on Monday, said he wants to ensure the tax code is as fair for “family farmers who have to break up their operations to pay the IRS following the death of a loved one as it is for parents saving for their children’s college education or working families investing and saving for their retirement.”

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Lee Ann
Lee Ann

He hasn't used his penis in 40 years, LOL!


Hmm, Booze=Liquor Sales (Stimulating the economy). Women= Flowers, dinner, movies, gas, liquor (Stimulating the economy). Billionaires and tax breaks= tax sheltered out of country, or spent on stocks which they don't pay taxes on anymore. Which group stimulates the economy more? Senator, your logic fails...

 you obviously dont know any working class people..  most working class people can barely afford to pay their bills just to keep a roof over their head and food on the table and thats with 2 people working full and overtime hours. imagine being a working class person working 50-60 hours a week having to pay a 1600 doller rent, 450 car payment, 150 car insurance, 200 utility bills, 120 phone bill and 120 internet/cable bill a month.. thats 2640.00$ a month in just bills for 1 person in a small 1 bedroom apt and you only get tops 3000.00$ a month after taxes. so that leaves 360.00$ left for food, toiletries, gas, and any unforseen emergencies that may come up per month and usually those emergency expenses are put on a credit card so now you have to add at least a 100.00 credit card payment every month so now you only have 260.00$ a month for food household supplies and gas. now divide that by 4 weeks and thats only 65.00$ a week.
     so how do expect people to save money or risk it on an investment when they are barely surviving to begin with?  Dont say there are programs to help because at 3000.00$ a month after taxes thats 36,000.00$ a year after taxes which is approx 40,000.00$ a year before taxes which means you dont Qualify for any of the govt. assist programs. and thats being generous considering most working class people wont even make 3000.00$ a month before taxes so they have to rely on a second person to help them just survive. oh and i didnt even include the cost of medical, dental, and life insurance.

so in conclusion if the working class people decide to spend even a portion of their hard earned money on "booze or woman" to stimulate the economy be fucking grateful. personally i think the estate tax should continue to be taken from people who just hoard money and do nothing to help the working class people who made it possible for them to even make all of that money. then it should be used to lower the cost of living so the working class people can actually live a life instead of just work, work, and more work, then die.

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