GOP Senator Won’t Say If Her Campaign Will Reject Assistance From Foreign Gov’t


Martha McSally, who was appointed to replace the late John McCain, would not answer if she would accept foreign help.

Arizona Senator Martha McSally refused to say on Friday whether her campaign would ask a foreign government to help find dirt on her political opponent, according to AZ Family.

The Republican walked away from reporters when the question was posed, keeping with her silence on the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s actions with Ukraine. Other than signing onto a resolution condemning the House’s probe, McSally has offered no comment on the matter.

The Democrat running against McSally in 2020 had no problem answering the question.

"Of course, my campaign won't ask for or accept any assistance from a foreign government. That's an easy decision because it's against the law, and it's against the oath Senator McSally and I both took to defend our constitution and our democracy," Mark Kelly told AZ Family in a statement.

The publication noted that recent polling shows that 50 percent of Arizona voters oppose the impeachment inquiry, while 44 percent support the move.

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