GOP Senator: Trump Never Demanded Ukraine’s President Investigate Hunter Biden


Sen. Mike Braun vehemently denied that President Trump demanded Ukraine to open an investigation into the Bidens.

Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) told reporters that President Donald Trump never demanded Ukraine open an investigation into the Bidens, despite surfaced evidence that he ordered the withholding of military aid until they complied. 

In the clip, a reporter asked: “So you’re saying that it’s okay for a President to ask a foreign leader to investigate a political rival and withhold foreign aid to coerce him into doing so?

Sen. Braun forcefully replied: “No, I’m not saying that’s okay. I’m not saying that’s appropriate. I’m saying that it didn’t happen.”

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Braun-noser. Vehement? Denialist. Liar. Kakistocrat.

Mach shnell
Mach shnell

Well that's scary and does not paint a good picture of Indiana. The idea of this political charlatan to say such things after todays presentation marks him as either a bald faced equivocating liar or just a plain court jester idiot. Alas I can't imagine any more of a way to slice,dice and saute the truth as presented by the Congressman.


So you are BLIND and DEAF??!!!

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