GOP Senator: Obama ‘Failed’ On Ebola But Trump Has Stepped Up With COVID

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Sarah Shaiman

Sen. Ernst of Iowa shifted blame to both the American people and Democratic lawmakers as she defended the Trump admin.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst (R) appeared on CNN’s State of the Union this week with Dana Bash to discuss the coronavirus pandemic and the president’s lack of success. While largely dodging Bash’s questions, Ernst seemed to stand by her comments that former President Obama failed in his Ebola pandemic response while President Trump stepped up, The Daily Beast reported.

“Cases in your home state of Iowa have steadily risen for the last two weeks,” Bash noted. “You criticized President Obama in 2014 for his handling of the Ebola outbreak, saying that he showed ‘failed leadership.’ Only two people in the U.S. died from Ebola. Right now there are almost 130,000 Americans dead from coronavirus. So if President Obama showed failed leadership then, do you think President Trump is showing failed leadership now?

  • Ernst transferred the burden of responsibility back to the American people, saying everyone has “responsibility in stopping the spread.” She downplayed the severity of the virus in her home state of Iowa, where cases continue to rise. 
  • During the 2014 Ebola crisis, 11 people in the United States contracted the virus resulting in just 2 deaths. 
  • Today, Covid-19 cases have reached 2.93 million with 132,000 deaths. 
  • And yet Ernst praised Trump and Vice President Pence for their response while criticizing Democratic lawmakers for their “pushback.” 
  • According to the Daily Beast, Iowa is currently experiencing a positive test rate of 8.1 percent, higher than the national average of 7.6 percent. 

Read the Daily Beast report here.


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