GOP Senator: I See Nothing Wrong With Trump Asking China To Investigate Biden


Sen. Ron Johnson doesn’t see anything wrong with President Trump asking China to investigate his political rival.

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) told reporters Thursday that it was appropriate for President Trump to seek foreign help to investigate his top political rival in 2020, according to Journal Sentinel

Although President Trump is currently in the midst of an impeachment inquiry over his request to the president of Ukraine to determine whether the Bidens had committed criminal acts, he invited China to do the same. 

“I want to find out what happened during 2016,” Sen. Johnson said after dropping in on a meeting of the Middleton Chamber of Commerce. “If there’s potential criminal activity, the president of the United States is our chief law enforcement officer. We have proper agreements with countries to investigate potential crimes so I don’t think there’s anything improper about doing that.”

It is unclear Thursday what crimes Trump believes the Bidens committed in China, but Trump has previously argued that Hunter Biden urged China to contribute $1.5 billion to an investment fund in 2013, a claim that his attorney has denied.

Johnson has called for a review of whether Biden abused his office as vice president to remove Ukraine’s former prosecutor general. However, Johnson signed a letter in 2016 urging then-Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko to make “reforms” in the same office, according to a report by CNN.

Sen. Johnson claims to not remember the letter.

“Those countries are trying to shed the legacy of corruption--endemic corruption throughout their societies,” he said. “I send out all kinds of oversight letters...I don’t know which 2016 oversight letter you’re referring to so I will look at that and then we’ll issue a press release, statement or something--but I don’t engage in hypocrisy.”

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