GOP Senator Hopes COVID Stimulus Efforts Fail, To Minimize Government Spending

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI).Screengrab / NBC News / YouTube


Sen. Johnson (R-WI) said he “hopes” talks of pandemic stimulus fail so that the government doesn’t spend money.

GOP Senator Ron Johnson reportedly “hopes” the bipartisan talks of another round of coronavirus pandemic stimulus breaks down, because he does not want the federal government to have to spend any more money.

  • Given the trillions of dollars in a relief package proposed by Democratic leaders, Johnson said he hopes that negotiations stay unmended between the Trump administration and House Democratic leaders.
  • “From my standpoint, the breakdown in the talks is very good news. It’s very good news for future generations,” Johnson said during an interview with Breitbart News Tonight on Friday. “I hope the talks remain broken down.”
  • Johnson supported the 2017 Republican-backed tax bill that gave hundreds of billions of dollars to corporations and billionaires without a means to pay for it.
  • Negotiations remain on pause because the House and the Senate disagree on how much to spend.
  • President Donald Trump signed four (questionable) executive orders intending to extend parts of the previous stimulus package.

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