GOP Senate Candidate Calls For Annexing Mexico

Screengrab/ABC15 Arizona/YouTube


"Probably half the country wants to be United States citizens," Daniel McCarthy said in making his case for annexation.

While President Donald Trump is looking to keep Mexicans out of the U.S. by constructing a border wall, a Republican candidate challenging Sen. Martha McSally in Arizona would like to invite them all in, according to Real Clear Politics.

Daniel McCarthy, the wealthy owner of a cosmetics company, said on Tuesday that he wants Arizona to annex Mexico.

“There is a process to become states for the United States,” McCarthy said on an Arizona radio station. “Clearly 30 million Mexican illegal immigrants want to be United States citizens, probably half the country wants to be United States citizens.”

He continued: “I want to speak above the Mexican government. Okay? When you’re talking to the Mexican citizens, ‘Rise up in your communities and petition to become states for the United States.’ That’s how that process works … by the way, it’s not that challenging.”

McCarthy said he expects to “get so much hate” for the idea, but he insisted that Mexicans would be on board, due to what he appears to view as inferior living conditions in their country: “Listen, you think anybody wants to live like that?”

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