GOP Sen: Investigating Both Parties For Corruption Will Lead To Self-Destruction

Aaron Rupar on Twitter
Aaron Rupar on Twitter

“RAND PAUL: If we're going to investigate Giuliani, then we should investigate Hunter Biden. @SRuhle: Does that mean we should investigate how Kushner's family got foreign money? Ivanka's Chinese trademarks? RP: If we want to go down the road of self-destruction, we can do that.”


Rand Paul argued that pursuing corruption investigations against both political parties would lead to self-destruction.

Republican Senator Rand Paul said this week that if President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani is fair game for investigation then the Biden family should be investigated as well.

The Kentucky lawmaker told MSNBC’s Stephanie Rule that authorities “should investigate Hunter Biden’s economic dealings in the Ukraine” in the interest of fairness.

Rule then asked if other children of Washington’s most powerful players should also be investigated, mentioning White House senior adviser Jared Kushner and the president’s daughter, Ivanka.

“Does that mean we should be looking deeper into how Jared Kushner’s family got foreign money for 666 Fifth Avenue? How Ivanka Trump got 13 trademarks from the Chinese government?” Rule asked.

Paul responded: “If we want to go down the road of the politics of self-destruction of everybody, criminalize all politicians on both sides of the aisle and go after their families, yes we can do that.”

“But both sides are doing that,” he said, “and nobody should excuse themselves and say, ‘oh, we’re holier than thou and Trump is evil.'”


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Kat 38
Kat 38

There is a difference between privilege and corruption. While I would concede the former can lead to the latter, let's not equate them.


Okay! Go for it! Investigate all of them! If that is what it takes to 'get rid of the swamp'. No public servant needs to be allowed to get by with saying "Everyone is doing it." Even Rand Paul.


Yes please!!!! I am all for it. If they broke the law they should go to jail. Both sides are corrupt get rid of the rot and maybe our country can thrive again.

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