GOP’s Kevin McCarthy: China’s Justice System Would Treat Trump More Fairly


The House Minority Leader echoes false Republican claims that Pelosi is launching an overtly “partisan”, “witch hunt.”

Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy criticized the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump, claiming he would be treated more fairly by the justice system in China, according to Newsweek

“You have a better chance of getting a fair justice system in China than you do in Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi’s movement here inside the House [of Representatives],” McCarthy said Wednesday on Fox News’s morning show, Fox & Friends.

President Trump and his supporters have repeatedly tried to discredit the Democrat-led impeachment inquiry as unfair, yet Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi did not need to hold a formal vote before launching it.

Constitutionally, a formal vote is not required, and while the Democrats’ inquiry goes against recent precedent, it follows the legal proceedings.

Republicans have additionally, and inaccurately, claimed that Democrats are conducting the inquiry through the House Intelligence Committee, rather than the House Judiciary Committee, but Pelosi has instructed all committees to transfer their findings to the Judiciary Committee. 

“There’s no requirement in the Constitution that the House do anything specific, in any order, prior to voting to approve articles of impeachment,” Stephen Vladeck, a constitutional law professor at the University of Texas, said. 

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