GOP Rep Headbutts Camera When Asked If It's OK To Seek Foreign Help In Elections

Screengrab/Washington Post/YouTube


Rep. Don Young didn't want to say if it's okay for the president to ask a foreign government to interfere in elections.

Activist group MoveOn has been wandering the halls of Capitol Hill asking Republican lawmakers if a president asking a foreign government to interfere in a U.S. election is acceptable.

When Rep. Don Young (R-AK) was approached with the question, he offered only silence — followed by a headbutt to the camera, according to RawStory.

The group has posted video to Twitter showing several GOP House members refusing to answer whether they are comfortable with President Donald Trump’s decision to withhold U.S. military aid to Ukraine while asking for investigations into his political opponents.

The issue has taken center stage in House Democrats’ impeachment probe, which numerous Republican lawmakers have said is illegitimate.

Young was no more eager than any of the other Republicans to answer MoveOn’s questions, choosing instead to amuse himself with a headbutt.

“There you go,” the congressman said as he smiled and walked away without providing an answer.

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...too bad he didn't break his glasses or nose. What an infantile gesture.


Wouldn't do any damage because his head is empty anyway!!


We are not going to get any answers from the SWAMP

NO Saint
NO Saint

I'll take that as a yes!!!

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