GOP Rep Coughs Uncontrollably While Praising Trump At State GOP Convention

Screengrab / @atrupar / Twitter

Artivia Tahir

Wisconsin congressman breaks out into a coughing fit during a state GOP convention

Wisconsin congressman Glenn Grothman erupted into an unmasked coughing fit while speaking at the Wisconsin GOP convention, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

  • During his speech, Grothman began saying "Let's talk about Donald John Trump," right before breaking out into an uncontrollable coughing fit.
  • The Journal Sentinel noted:

Grothman, who is 65, falls in a high-risk category for COVID-19 complications. He has publicly signaled optimism about the trajectory of the pandemic, appearing at public events without a mask and sharing statistics about falling COVID-19 death rates.

  • The GOP held the scaled-down convention in Green Bay, despite health officials’ warnings against large gatherings. Many of the convention attendees sat close together and largely without face masks.
  • The video of Grothman coughing has gone viral on Twitter. State Sen. Chris Larson of Milwaukee commented about the video saying:

"With all his supporters avoiding masks while crowding together in groups, this is quickly going to become the official way to say Trump’s name."

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