GOP-Led Committee Probed Possible Ukraine Election Meddling, Found Nothing

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The Senate Intelligence Committee probed possible Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election but found noting of note.

The Senate Intelligence Committee, controlled by Republicans, investigated possible Ukrainian interference in the 2016 presidential election and found nothing worth pursuing, sources familiar with the matter told CNN.

Despite the lack of evidence supporting the allegation, some Republicans continue to push the theory that Ukraine worked to help then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, placing the alleged meddling on par with Russia’s actions.

The committee interviewed former Democratic National Committee operative Alexandra Chalupa, who CNN noted is “a central figure in theories that say Ukraine interfered in the election,” during the course of its investigation, according to those familiar with the probe.

Committee Chairman Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) said in 2017 that the lawmakers were looking into Ukraine as part of a broader investigation that included "any collusion by either campaign during the 2016 elections."

The chairman told CNN that they did find support for Clinton among some Ukrainian officials but clarified that "I don't think anybody interfered in the same way Russia did."

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) offered a similar assessment, telling CNN that anything done by officials in Ukraine was “nothing close” to Russian activities during the election, adding that it is “not even in the same universe.”

“GOP officials have also accused Ukraine of interfering in the 2016 election because some officials in the Ukrainian government publicly criticized Trump and supported Clinton,” CNN noted, “which intelligence and national security officials widely do not consider to be ‘interference’ in an election.”

But Republican promotion of the theory has yet to be quelled, particularly as the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s own actions regarding Ukraine has taken center stage.

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