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President Trump and top Republican leaders have put their support behind Marjorie Taylor Greene’s congressional campaign, despite her history of racist and bigoted statements and support for the QAnon conspiracy theory, according to The Washington Post.

  • Trump tweeted in support of Greene, who won her Georgia primary this week, writing that Greene was a “future Republican Star” and “strong on everything and never gives up — a real WINNER!”
  • House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) has also voiced support for Greene, saying he will place her on congressional committees, despite many other Republicans’ pleas for him to get involved in the primary and stop Greene.
  • Greene has a history of delivering highly racist, anti-semetic, and islamophobic remarks. The Post reported that she likened “the election of the first two Muslim women to Congress to an ‘Islamic invasion of our government’” and called “George Soros, the liberal Jewish donor and Holocaust survivor, a ‘Nazi himself trying to continue what was not finished.’”
  • She is also a vocal proponent of the QAnon theory, whose adherents believe that there are “deep state” sabateurs against the Trump administration who are devil-workshippers and child sex traffickers.
  • Retiring Rep. Paul Mitchell (R-MI) spoke against the party’s acceptance of Greene, saying:

“How can we warmly receive someone that’s publicly stated some of the things she stated in her videos? You can’t dismiss people because of their religious beliefs and their ethnicity. You can’t. . . . It’s just wrong.”

The Post noted that GOP leadership’s support for Greene highlights “the party’s willingness to tolerate extreme and bigoted positions,” as well as discord among the ranks.

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