GOP Lawmaker: Congress Should Investigate WH Use Of Secret Server For Trump Call


Rep. James Comer reportedly has broken ranks with other Republicans, who maintain that Democrats are playing politics.

In a sign that President Donald Trump is losing support among his Republican allies, Rep. James Comer (R-KY) has expressed support for a congressional investigation into the White House’s alleged use of a secret server to hide transcripts of Trump’s phone calls with foreign leaders.

CNN’s Jim Sciutto tweeted on Friday morning that “GOP Rep @KYComer tells me he believes WH use of a codeword-protected server for presidential phone records should be investigated by Congress,” RawStory reported.

Trump is relying on solid Republican support as impeachment proceedings ramp up in the House, following the release of a transcript detailing his July phone call with Ukraine’s president, which clearly reveals the president asking Ukraine to dig up dirt on his potential 2020 political opponent, Joe Biden.

The subsequent release of the whistleblower complaint, filed by someone in the intelligence community last month, has only heightened the sense of urgency in determining what transpired within the Trump administration regarding Ukraine.

The complaint not only alleges an abuse of power by Trump but also indicates that White House officials sought to cover up the misconduct by removing transcripts of the phone call from their usual storage location to a codeword-level server typically reserved for highly-sensitive national security information.

Further, the whistleblower said this is "not the first time" such action has been taken.

Comer has broken ranks with many in the GOP who continue to insist that Democrats are pursuing the issue merely as a political tactic. The Kentucky senator appears to disagree.

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