GOP Lawmaker Calls Tax Cuts For Middle Class Americans ‘Socialism’

GOP Rep. Robert Pittenger likened middle class tax cuts to socialism and implied most Americans are stock owners.

In an interview with MSNBC's Katy Tur, North Carolina Republican Rep. Robert Pittenger indicated that giving tax cuts to the middle class amounts to "socialism", while handing the same to the wealthy and corporations is simply smart economics.

TUR: Corporations were also sitting on 2.3 trillion dollars in cash — 2.3 trillion dollars already before this tax cut. So if they’re sitting on that much cash and they’re making that much money, and we already know that the pay rates between the CEOs of corporations and the workers of corporations is so far different than what it used to be 50, 60 years ago, why would you say, “Hey listen, I need more of those corporations to have more money.” Why not give it directly to the folks — why not do the job creation by giving the money to the middle class, to the lower class, to people who make less money so that they can reinvest in themselves?

PITTENGER: Well, I understand your narrative, and frankly, that’s the concept of socialism. And socialism never has worked. When all you’re doing is transferring wealth from one person to another —

TUR: No, it’s a tax cut, it’s not socialism. It’s a tax cut. They’re going to do a tax cut —

PITTENGER: — what you need to do is create a bigger pie, and you expand your economy, you create more jobs, and then you have more revenue back to the American government.

TUR: Tax cuts are not socialism, sir. Sir, tax cuts are not socialism. It’s a tax cut we’re talking about. We’re not talking about a government handout, I’m talking about a tax cut.

Pittenger wasn't finished there, however, moving on to the notion that tax cuts for corporations will benefit Americans who are shareholders, insinuating this includes the majority of Americans.

And to add to his bizarre economic ideas, Pittenger also apparently thinks a large majority of working Americans own stock in corporations, which would certainly be news to the roughly half of the country that doesn’t.

Watch the interview above.