GOP Lawmaker Admits He Could Attend Impeachment Hearings But Chooses Not To

Aaron Rupar on Twitter
Aaron Rupar on Twitter

“Here's @RepTedYoho (R) telling CNN he hasn't attended a single impeachment hearing despite having the ability to do so because "I see these as kind of a sideshow."”


"I see these as kind of a sideshow," Rep. Ted Yoho said of the hearings Republicans complain they being kept from.

Florida Republican Rep. Ted Yoho admitted during a CNN appearance that he has access to Democrats' impeachment hearings but has chosen not to attend. Republicans have repeatedly insisted that Democrats are being secretive with the inquiry and barring GOP members from the process.

Yoho said he has chosen not to go to the hearings, where he would be able to question witnesses, because he sees "these as kind of a sideshow."



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