Kentucky state Rep. Robert S. Goforth (R) was indicted last week on strangulation and assault charges related to an alleged domestic assault in April, according to The Times-Tribune.

  • Goforth was arrested on April 21 after a woman went to a 911 Dispatch Center asking to speak with a deputy about an assault. She said Goforth struck her in the head, and deputies noted she had marks on her forehead, neck and arms.
  • The woman said Goforth also strangled her with an ethernet cable until she had trouble breathing and felt she would pass out, and threatened to kill her. The state lawmaker also threatened "to hog tie” her, she said.
  • The woman was able to leave the residence — where there were three children at the time — after promising Goforth she would unlock her phone, the subject that reportedly started the incident.
  • She also filed for an Emergency Protection Order (EPO), according to the report.
  • When sheriff’s deputies went to the home, they found the children safe and indicated that Goforth did not appear to be “manifestly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.”
  • Goforth pleaded not guilty in June.

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