GOP Governors Call For Halt To Kavanaugh Vote, Call Accusations “Sickening”

Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Three Republican governors called for Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation vote to be delayed in light of the allegations.

Three Republican governors are calling for the Senate Judiciary Committee to slow down the confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh in order to thoroughly investigate what they deem credible sexual assault allegations against him, and a fourth has called the accusations “disturbing”.

Via HuffPost:

> Three women have now come forward to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual abuse and misconduct while he was in high school and college. The first of those women ― Christine Blasey Ford, a psychology professor who says Kavanaugh assaulted her when they were both high school students in suburban Maryland ― is testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday. A fourth anonymous accusation was sent to Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner.


> The Senate Judiciary Committee has tentatively scheduled a vote on Friday, meaning the full Senate could confirm [Kavanaugh] early next week. Three GOP governors ― John Kasich of Ohio, Charlie Baker of Massachusetts and Phil Scott of Vermont ― said that vote should be delayed until all of the victims’ claims can be throughly [sic] investigated.


> Baker and Kasich both weighed in on Twitter. Baker described the allegations as “sickening” and said there should be no Senate vote until an independent investigation is complete.

Kasich said he would not support the nominee’s confirmation “in the absence of a complete and thorough investigation.”

Scott echoed such sentiments, saying the Senate is obligated to take its time and investigate the women’s claims:

> “This is a lifetime appointment,” he said. “And I’m not taking a position on Judge Kavanaugh himself, but we owe it to Americans to make sure that they get it right. Because this doesn’t happen every day. And it’s their obligation to do so. So take your time. Investigate.”

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan called the allegations against Kavanaugh “disturbing”, adding that they gave him “great pause”, but he stopped short of suggesting the confirmation vote be delayed.

> “There are credible charges and big concerns. They need to be heard,” he said after an event in Montgomery County. “They ought to take whatever time it takes to make sure these accusers are heard and he has a chance to respond to them.”

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