GOP Elites Seem To Fear The American People As Some Hide In Walled-Off Compounds


Republican elites are fencing in the White House and holing up in private mansions.

Those in the White House and other Republican elites have been hiding inside their protected residences.

According to Business Insider, amid protests, the White House started “building a massive ‘anti-climb’ wall.”

  • The plans “for a new perimeter with an ‘anti-climb’ component have been in the works since July 2016, according to the White House history website,” reported Business Insider. “However, several changes have been made to the area surrounding the White House following nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd, with various structures put in place to cordon off protesters.”
  • A new photo of the wall was posted by Politico reporter Rebecca Rainey on Twitter, “showing how much farther away pedestrians now have to remain from the edge of the South Lawn.”

  • The report also showed significant changes to the White House perimeter throughout the decades, starting from the 1870s to now. In 2020, “throughout June and going into July, several fortifications were installed around the White House and particularly on the south side as protesters clashed with Park Police,” wrote Business Insider.

According to Salon, Betsy DeVos was “accused of holing up in her mansion as she pushes for schools to reopen.”

  • As school systems “reckon with the innumerable challenges of re-opening amid the pressures of a resurgent coronavirus pandemic, Secretary of Education Betsey DeVos has reportedly isolated herself within her expansive Michigan estate,” Salon wrote.
  • “DeVos has apparently distanced herself from population centers while the pandemic’s effects impact new parts of the country,” while simultaneously pushing “for the nation’s public schools to put teachers and students back in the classroom full-time,” the report continued.
  • “Dubbed the ‘McMansion from hell’ by Buzzfeed, the education secretary’s 22,000-square-foot estate on the shore of Lake Macatawa commands a 24-hour, taxpayer-funded security detail courtesy of the U.S. Marshals Service when she is present,” Salon reported.

Furthermore, The Hill reported Thursday that “South Dakota is planning to build a $400,000 fence around the governor’s residence following recommendations by security officials in response to unspecified threats against Gov. Kristi Noem (R).”

  • Noem, who “has aligned herself with President Trump in recent months, has championed a hands-off approach to the coronavirus pandemic. Her response has reportedly led to personal threats against her,” The Hill wrote.
  • Noem’s administration “last year proposed an 8-foot fence with a guardhouse, but the plan was abandoned,” the report stated. “The governor’s office told The Hill that the guardhouse will no longer be part of the security perimeter. It's unclear how much of the project will be taxpayer funded since some of the money will reportedly come from private donations.”

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