GOP Donors Are Wondering: Where Is The $1.5B We Donated To Trump’s Campaign?

Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour / Public Domain


Republican allies of the president are starting to ask what happened to the $1.5 billion raised since 2019.

President Donald Trump’s campaign has far less cash on hand than anticipated for this stage of the race, and Republican donors are starting to wonder where all the money went.

  • According to The New York Times, together with the Republican Party, the Trump campaign raised more than $1.5 billion since 2019, but the president entered October with just $63 million.
  • Joe Biden hit the same point with nearly triple the amount at $177 million.

To close the budgetary shortfall, Mr. Trump has slashed millions of dollars in previously reserved television ads and detoured from the battleground states that will decide the election for a stop in California last weekend to refill his campaign coffers. He has also tried to jump-start his online fund-raising with increasingly aggressive tactics, sending out as many as 14 email solicitations in a day.

  • The Times noted that “The $247.8 million [Trump] raised in concert with the party in September would have been a record before 2020. That high level of fund-raising has raised questions about his team’s spending habits, given the current cash situation.”
  • Trump, who reportedly calls his campaign funds “my money,” blames former campaign manager Brad Parscale for spending decisions, though Parscale claims all of his decisions were made with the approval of the Trump family.
  • Per The Times, “Trump’s main fund-raising committee with the R.N.C. to raise small contributions burned through money at an alarmingly high rate, spending more than 75 cents of every dollar it raised — $181 million spent to raise $235.7 million."

Mr. Trump’s campaign and his shared party committees continue to spend on Trump properties, including one September payment to the Trump Hotel Collection of $640,476.

The campaign itself also spent more than $1 million on companies that provide chartered plane services in September, even though Mr. Trump travels exclusively on Air Force One.

When Mr. Trump himself travels on Air Force One for political travel, the campaign must reimburse taxpayers for its use. As of the end of September, the single largest debt that Mr. Trump’s campaign owed was to the Treasury Department: $670,000.

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