GOP Donor Gets Border Wall Contract After CEO Makes Multiple Appearances On Fox


Tommy Fisher, CEO of Fisher Sand and Gravel, frequently appeared on Fox News to promote his company; Trump took notice.

FIsher Sand and Gravel, based out of North Dakota, has been awarded a $400 million contract to build new barriers across an Arizona wildlife refuge at President Trump’s insistence, according to The Washington Post

Although Fisher’s initial bids did not meet standards, Trump has repeatedly urged officials with the Army Corps of Engineers to pick FIsher for the wall-building contract.

Trump’s enamor with the company is based on Tommy Fisher, the company’s chief executive, who made multiple appearances on Fox News to promote his firm, insisting that it would be a better job than the companies the government had previously chosen. 

Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.), a Fisher supporter, argued that the company could build the wall faster than any other Army Corps contractors, who have frustrated Trump because so few miles have been built despite his campaign promises to construct hundreds of miles of wall to prevent migrants from crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. 

Cramer said Fisher Industries plans to build 31 miles of new barrier in the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge in Yuma County, Arizona. 

“I am glad to see more progress being made to secure the southern border, and I am grateful to see a good North Dakota company like Fisher Industries getting some of the work,” Cramer said. “I know they will do very well, performing high quality work at a good bargain, all for the security of the people of the United States.”

Fisher’s construction plan has not been approved by the International Boundary and Water Commission, which regulates construction in the Rio Grande flood plain. 

The Trump administration has so far built about 85 miles of fencing, but Trump has pledged to complete 450 to 500 miles of new border barriers by the end of next year. 

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