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On Tuesday, the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee released a 158-page report concluding that Russian President Vladimir Putin interfered in the 2016 presidential election with the goal of supporting President Donald Trump over presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, according to Slate.

Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon, the committee's ranking Democrat, emphasized the incoherence of Trump’s claims, pointing out how Trump called the intelligence community’s findings, which reached the same conclusion as this report, a “hoax.”

“Trump’s deference to Putin,” Wyden wrote, “only serves to further Russian disinformation and undermine efforts to defend the United States” against similar maneuvering in the upcoming election in November.

The report negated several assertions made by Trump and his supporters. One important conclusion is that “the Steele material did not in any way inform the analysis in the ICA (Intelligence Community Assessment) -- including its key judgments.” Trump has claimed that the investigations of Russian interference was prompted by the Steele dossier, a report written by a former British agent.

The report stated that the U.S. intelligence community’s analysis of Putin’s campaign was a “sound intelligence product” and was written “under no politically motivated pressure to reach specific conclusions,” even though that analysis was ordered by former president Barack Obama at the end of his term.

However, Slate pointed out that the mysteries about the 2016 elections would likely remain unsolved, as the issue resides with the Justice Department, and Attorney General William Barr does not show an inclination to investigate further.

See the full report here.