GOP Congressman With No Science Experience Confirmed As NASA Head

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) was confirmed as the next NASA administrator despite no scientific experience.

In a 50-49 vote Thursday, the U.S. Senate confirmed congressman Jim Bridenstine -- a Republican lawmaker from Oklahoma -- to head the nation’s space program, marking the first time NASA will be led by a politician.

Typically, NASA administrators are chosen from within NASA’s ranks, come up through the military, or have a background in science. Bridenstine has none of that. His qualifications: He’s former Navy pilot who once ran the Air and Space Museum in Tulsa. He also sits on the House Committee that oversees NASA. The third-term representative is now the first member of Congress to hold the administrator job.

Bridenstine also holds views on climate change that make him an odd choice to head the program:

As a politician, Bridenstine has hedged on climate change, an issue NASA scientists study and track in many different ways. During his confirmation hearing in November, Bridenstine agreed that humans are the driving force behind climate change, but he would not agree with the assertion that human activity is the primary cause of it. It’s an odd position to hold as the leader of an agency that provides some of the most comprehensive data on climate change in the world.

Numerous senators opposed Trump’s pick, including Republicans who appear to have warmed up to the idea since Bridenstine’s initial nomination.

Much remains unclear. What we do know is that the Trump administration, as a whole, has been hostile to the idea of NASA as an earth science agency and left it to languish without a full-time administrator longer than any previous administration. In 2017, the administration proposed cutting $102 million from NASA’s earth science programs and eliminating four NASA earth science missions completely. Congress didn’t allow those cuts to come to pass. But NASA’s long-term future is far from assured.

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Jack schum
Jack schum

I took a history of the Hitler's and Nazis propaganda and changed a few nouns.
Does it fit?

Throughout 2017 and 18, disgraced 45th President Trump portrayed America as a victimized nation and denied the right of national self-determination. Propagandists disguised militia aggression and armament aimed at political conquest as righteous and necessary acts of self-defense.
As a victim or potential victim of foreign aggressors, as a peace-loving nation forced to take up arms to protect its populace
As a morally justifiable, defensive action, the alt right press played up “Mexican/ Muslim atrocities,” referring to real or alleged criminal activity and physical violence directed against white evangelical Americans.
The alt right even exagerated terror and border incidents designed to make it appear that Muslims and Mexicans initiated hostilities. In 2016, thousands of Russian and alt right fake profiles on Twitter and Facebook “attacked” reputable news organizations as fake, while FOX entertainment, no longer able to call itself a news organization was Trumps misguided idea of a national security source.
Over the course of his 1st year in office, Trump announced to the America and the world his decision to send troops to the Mexican boarder and Muslim nations in response to their attempted “immigration” into the US. The alt right Press Office ( FOX) instructed the press to avoid the use of the words war, science, climate, environment and other normaly comprehensive words in an effort to shape public opinion at home and abroad. The alt right propaganda machine played up stories of new “ Muslim and Mexican atrocities” once the war began. They publicized attacks by racists and bigots as 'good people' upset at the status quo.
Alt right propaganda enflamed passions, providing “justification” for the number of financial diversions of security from the middle class, poor, elderly and disabled that the right intended to create slavery by debt.
Newsites also became central to the administrations efforts to form and manipulate public opinion during this. To exercise greater control over news content after the bilking of societies wealth began, administration consolidated the country's various competing news companies into one. The FOX and Sinclair Group actively helped create each news report installment, even editing or revising scripts. Video shot by professional photographers and delivered to Trump each week by courier were edited down to 20 to 40 minutes. Distribution of news reports was greatly expanded as the number of copies of each episode increased. The recurring theme that Mexicans and Muslims spread crime and terror, and investigations as "witch hunts".
At the same time, positive stories of the administration were fabricated as part of the planned deception.
The recurring theme that Mexicans and Muslims spread crime and terror, that all other news was false and that every investigation into the moral and financial crimes of the administration were treasonous.

To prevent non-alt right from attempting to assess the destruction and pilferage by companies to our national resources and from seeing the condition of future prospects for security , Authorities posted National Security tags on the reports, warning of the danger of fine and arrest. Since inadequate sanitation and water supplies coupled with starvation rations quickly started to undermined the health of the poor, seniors and the disabled, these warnings became a self-fulfilling prophecy, as sickness and other infectious diseases ravaged populations. Subsequent propaganda utilized these man-made epidemics to justify cutting healthcare to the “lazy, sick people" .

Anticipating that some Americans might find the official story to be implausible in reference to elderly, disabled war veterans, and prominent musicians or artists, the Nazi regime cynically publicized the existence as an unpatriotic populace. This fiction was invented for domestic consumption.

As with other efforts to deceive the population and the wider world, the Republican administration benefited from the unwillingness of the average human being to grasp the dimensions of these crimes

Leaders of resistance organizations, for example, tried to warn residents of the Republican intentions, but even those who heard about the crimes and lies did not necessary believe what they had heard. “Common sense could not understand that it was possible to disenfranchise tens and hundreds of thousands of cirizens ,”
President Trump increasingly could not reconcile official news stories with reality, and many turned to foreign radio broadcasts for accurate information.

Clint Smith
Clint Smith

Thanks for this, and also along similar lines: 'The Ways to Destroy Democracy!'