GOP Congressman Seen With Cash In His Pocket During Impeachment Debate

Reddit / u/tugnasty


Rep. Billy Long (R-MO) was seen with cash sticking out of his pocket during Wednesday's impeachment debate in the House.

Rep. Billy Long, a Missouri Republican, was noticed to have cash sticking out of his breast pocket during Wednesday’s House debate over the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

According to local news KTVO, Long and his cash went viral after a social media user posted the image to Reddit, where it currently sits on the platform’s front page.

Reddit / u/tugnasty

KTVO said a close examination of the image and comparison with video footage from the House discussions showed the photo did not appear to be altered.

Prior to speaking later in the afternoon, Long had removed the cash from his front pocket.

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Just one problem. It isn't cash. You suckers have been trolled and you fell for it. It wouldn't even matter if it were cash, except to a cry baby, perhaps.

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