GOP Chair Who Called Mail-In Voting ‘Fraught With Danger’ Voted By Mail 22 Times

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Artivia Tahir

The San Diego County GOP Chairman claims that mail-in voting is fraudulent, despite voting by mail many times

Tony Krvaric, the San Diego County GOP Chairman, has publicly attacked mail-in voting, claiming it is “fraught with danger,” despite having voted by mail himself in 22 consecutive elections since 2004, according to Voice of San Diego.

  • Krvaric claims that his own track record is irrelevant because he ensured that his own ballot was secure.
  • He stated:

“The voter file is notoriously poor with incomplete or inaccurate information. The problem is not my ballot, which I know to expect and usually drop off at the polling place but have mailed in a few times but would make sure to track that my ballot was received.”

  • The Republican also said: “Voter integrity is of the highest importance and the safest way is with voter ID and voting in person with absentee ballots requested on a case-by-case basis. Anyone who claims different is plain lying.”
  • Political consultant Tom Shepard also weighed in on the credibility of absentee voting, saying:

“It’s a hell of a lot more secure than filing taxes, or other things we do by mail. The lengths they go through – I mean they manually scan every signature and match it to the voter file. That’s why it takes so long to count the last absentees. It’s a darn full-proof process. For there to be mass fraud in that process, I don’t think it would be possible.”

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