GOP Candidate Who Visited Hitler’s Lair Calls Reparations “Racist”

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Republican congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn said the notion of reparations is "divisive" and "racist."

North Carolina Republican congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn, who took heat over photos showing him visiting Adolf Hitler’s vacation house in Germany with a caption referring to Hitler as “the Fuhrer,” is now saying the notion of reparations for African Americans is “racist.”

The Citizen Times reports,

Deliberately or inadvertently, Cawthorn uses or has displayed some symbols associated with such right-wing extremists as Alex Jones -- proponent of the debunked conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook elementary school’s mass killing was staged -- and of white nationalists, including some participating in the infamous Charlottesville “Unite the White” demonstration.

And he has dismissed as “divisive” and “racist” the Asheville City Council’s recent decision to develop policies of reparations for African Americans. “Six-hundred thousand Americans gave their lives to free slaves and you’re going to tell me that’s not enough?” he said in an interview with Blue Ridge Public Radio reporter Cory Vaillancourt, a reply that overlooks both the century-long impact of Jim Crow laws and the fact that 260,000 of the soldiers who died in the Civil War were Confederates fighting to maintain slavery.

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