GOP Candidate Trashes Immigrants: Diversity Is A “Bunch Of Crap”, “Unamerican"

New Jersey Republican Seth Grossman said diversity is un-American.

New Jersey Republican Seth Grossman doesn't like the way liberal American culture has separated people into boxes and insisted on their special treatment – something he calls “diversity”, which Grossman says is un-American.


“The whole idea of diversity is a bunch of crap and un-American,” Grossman said at a GOP campaign forum held April 21 in Pittsgrove, Salem County. That comment, captured on video, was filmed by American Bridge to the 21st Century, a Washington-based political action committee that monitors Republican candidates. It was provided to the Inquirer and Daily News shortly after the June 5 primary.

In the two-minute video clip, Grossman calls diversity “an excuse by Democrats, communists, and socialists, basically, to say that we’re not all created equal; that some people, if somebody is lesser qualified, they will get a job anyway, or they’ll get into college anyway, because of the tribe that they’re with, what group, what box they fit into.”

Grossman applied this logic to Kim Guadagno, the former Republican lieutenant governor who lost to Phil Murphy in the New Jersey governor’s race, saying she had only been selected because of “diversity”:

“So that’s the diversity box, and I think Republicans make a big mistake when we nominate lesser-qualified candidates because they fit into that box,” Grossman says on the video. “I believe that’s why Republicans nominated Kim Guadagno instead of Jack Ciattarelli last time. Oh, she’s a woman; she’ll get more votes, because we’re showing how diverse we are. Look how that turned out.”

Grossman, who rode to primary victory on the coattails of President Trump and hopes to win a seat in Congress, is nostalgic for the days when America was great – before women were put in their diversity box and could simply stay at home caring for home and children.

“When we talk about women saying, ‘Well, we need special care for child care. We need this credit and that credit. Say, wait a minute, when America was great, one parent alone earned more than enough money to comfortably support a family,” he said. “That’s what happened before we chopped Americans into these different boxes and saying I’m entitled to something because I’m part of this group.”

The Republican hopeful had a message for African Americans as well:

“Once we say that the Republicans want these traditional ways that made America great for all these years, then maybe African Americans would realize that when we enforce our immigration laws, there’ll be more opportunity for Americans of all backgrounds,” Grossman says.

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