GOP Candidate's Radio Show Lists White Supremacist Website As Favorite


Mississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel's former radio show listed 'The League of the South' as a favorite website.

Former conservative radio show host and current state Sen. Chris McDaniel is returning to politics after a failed attempt to best Sen. Thad Cochran in 2014, this time gunning for incumbent Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker.

McDaniel has some Republicans concerned they could be facing a Roy Moore situation in their state, and their concern is not without merit.

The website of the radio show McDaniel previously hosted listed a racist group among its 'favorite websites'.

McDaniel co-hosted "The Right Side Radio Show," at the time a nationally syndicated broadcast, from the mid-2000s until he was elected to the Mississippi state Senate in 2008. He still appeared once weekly after the leaving the show as a full-time host.

The show's website, which is archived in two different places on the Internet Wayback Machine, reveals that McDaniel and his co-host, Jack Fairchilds, listed among their favorite websites the League of the South, a group that describes itself as a "Southern Nationalist organization that seeks the survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people."

Rick Tyler, McDaniel's strategist, told CNN's K-File that the candidate "has never endorsed the League of the South and has nothing to do with them."

What is the League of the South?

The League of South was founded in 1994 and has long been associated with white nationalist organizations. The longtime president of the League of South recently wrote that Muslims would be banned and deported from a free southern state, and a founding board member of the League of the South once said black Americans were better off under slavery. 3