GOP Candidate Refers To Hitler By Honorific Title While Visiting Berchtesgaden

Screengrab / @yashar; @ColMorrisDavis / Twitter


He referred to Hitler with the honorific ‘Führer’ and said a visit to Hitler’s vacation home was a ‘bucket list’ moment.

According to Fast Forward, Madison Cawthorn, a right-wing Republican congressional candidate in North Carolina “has taken down pictures he posted to Instagram from a 2017 vacation to the Eagle’s Nest, the Nazi retreat in Germany that Hitler visited more than a dozen times.”

  • New York Magazine and HuffPost Contributor Yashar Ali took screenshots of Cawthorn’s pictures before they were removed, and posted them on Twitter.

  • Cawthorn’s pictures were removed on Monday, “the same day that a report in Jezebel made the case that he is ‘following the playbook of other, more successful far-right Republicans in recent years, attempting to rebrand his extreme squarely in the mainstream of the Republican Party,’” Fast Forward reported.
  • In addition to “calling Hitler ‘Führer,’ a term of reverence, Cawthorn also named his real estate company SPQR, a term popular among white nationalists, and displays in his home an early American flag that the Anti-Defamation League says has been appropriated by far-right extremists, according to the Jezebel report.”
  • Cawthorn “defeated a Republican who had been endorsed by President Donald Trump in June’s primary,” Fast Forward wrote. “Since the primary, however, the 25-year-old candidate has worked to convey his support for Trump, according to a report by AVL Watchdog, a nonprofit news organization covering the portion of North Carolina that Cawthorn is seeking to represent in the House of Representatives.”
  • The AVL Watchdog failed to include in its report Cawthorn’s Eagle’s Nest vacation photos, “in which Cawthorn said a trip to Hitler’s retreat had been on his ‘bucket list.’”
  • After the Jezebel report was published, “the pictures began circulating on social media before they were deleted. Among those who shared the photos on Twitter was Moe Davis, the Democrat opposing Cawthorn in North Carolina’s 11th District, a traditional Republican district,” Fast Forward continued.

“Hitler’s vacation retreat is not on my bucket list,” Davis tweeted Monday.

Read the full report here.


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