GOP Beginning To Panic About A ‘Wipeout’ As Trump’s Poll Numbers Plunge

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Republicans are growing more concerned that Trump will not only lose in November but will take the GOP down with him.

Republicans reportedly are beginning to panic as President Donald Trump’s poll numbers continue to plummet, fearing that “he could be headed to a historic wipeout that could drag the rest of the party down with him,” according to VICE News.

  • The report notes that “Trump has trailed former Vice President Joe Biden by almost 10 points in recent national polling,” adding that “Republicans privately admit things look just as bad at the local level.”
  • Several GOP strategists told VICE that Trump’s numbers have plunged in states and districts across the U.S.

“The environment really sucks for us right now. We’ve got a worldwide pandemic, the economy is slipping and now we have a race war tacked on,” warned one GOP strategist involved in multiple races. “If the election were held today, we’d be talking about a wipeout. We’d be in landslide territory.”

  • Trump reportedly “badly trails Biden in states and districts that went red in 2016 that he needs to win again in 2020,” and the president “is in alarmingly poor shape in a number of states that appeared well outside Democrats’ reach at the beginning of the election cycle.”
  • Republicans are growing more concerned that Trump might even cost them the Senate, leaving full control of Congress to the Democrats.

Trump notably is trailing Biden in states that the president must win in order to emerge victorious in November.

  • VICE reported that “Biden’s lead in Michigan, a state Trump won in 2016, is edging into double-digit territory.”
  • Polling also indicates that Trump is “down in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, two other states he won last election.”
  • Further, the news outlet noted that “Biden holds a lead in Arizona, a state Trump won, that’s outside of polls’ margin of error. And Biden is slightly ahead in Florida and North Carolina, two states Trump won last time.”
  • In other states where Trump’s margin of victory were large in 2016, polls show the two candidates in a close contest.

Republican strategists said Georgia, Iowa, Ohio, and even Texas are within the margin of error in recent surveys. Trump won Georgia by five percentage points, Ohio by eight, and Iowa and Texas by nine in 2016.

One GOP strategist told VICE: “Trump has to get his shit together and his campaign has to get their shit together, or it’s going to be really problematic.”

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Love how the strategists reduce it to some almost strange numbers evaluation instead of actually connecting the bad numbers with the traitors and pigs who offer NOTHING to American voters and fill the vacuum with hate - racism and bigotry. Can their contempt for America finally be costing them? I HOPE SO!


I truly believe that Trump believes something magical will happen to save the day. I will be very curious to see what happens to the GOP cult following the Tulsa rally. If negative in that attendees become infected, I think that will be the final takedown for the Trump campaign, though his cult will remain supportive no matter what.


Where was their concern for the voters for the past 3.5 years? Where was it when they passed their tax cut for the wealthy? Where was it when they stood back and allowed Trump to ignore the Constitution and the separation of powers? Where was their concern when he locked children in cages? Where was their concern when he blocked people from testifying or providing requested information at his impeachment hearing? Where was their concern when he lied to the public over and over? Where was their concern when he fired inspectors general to prevent oversight? Where was their concern when programs for the needy were reduced or discarded? Where was their concern when he did away with environmental protections? Where was their concern over his handling of the pandemic and racial issues?

All things considered, they should be concerned because their concern for the voters and all the people is too little, too late.


Lindsay Graham warned them about this in summer 2016.


Trump will meet his Waterloo in November


Hm. And take the GOP down with him. Oh, well.

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