Globally, People Have Little Faith That Trump Will ‘Do The Right Thing’ BY 4.0


Only 29% said they trust Donald Trump to do the right thing in global affairs; 33% said they trust Vladimir Putin.

Comparing President Donald Trump to other world leaders, people in most countries do not have great faith that the American president will “do the right thing” when it comes to international relations, according to a recent Pew Research Center poll.

NBC News reported that when people from different countries were asked if they had confidence in various world leaders’ to “do the right thing regarding world affairs,” Trump (29 percent) ranked behind Germany’s Angela Merkal (46 percent), France’s Emmanuel Macron (41 percent), and even Russia’s Vladimir Putin (33 percent).

However, Trump came in ahead of Chinese leader Xi Jinping by one percentage point.

NBC News noted that the lack of trust in Trump does not appear to represent the world’s lack of trust in the United States, pointing out that under former President Barack Obama, trust was significantly higher at the same point in Obama’s presidency.

In the United Kingdom, Trump’s “right thing” number, 32 percent, is 43 points lower than Obama’s was in 2011. In Canada, Trump’s score, 28 percent, is 53 points lower than Obama’s was in 2013. In France, the confidence is Trump is 64 points lower than it was for Obama in 2011. And in Germany, only 13 percent have confidence in Trump to do the right thing. That is 75 points lower than the 88 percent who had confidence in Obama in 2011.

But much like in the U.S., support for Trump’s policies and faith that he will make the right decisions breaks down along partisan lines. Pew Research found that conservatives across the globe were more likely to trust Trump’s decision making, whereas those identifying as liberal were far less likely to trust the American president.

In France, for example, “there’s a 21-point difference in the ‘right thing’ question between those on the left and the right,” and in Canada, it is a 30-point gap. In Italy, NBC News notes, there is a 35 point gap, and in Israel it is a staggering 49 point difference.

And in some of those countries, faith in Trump among conservatives appears to be growing.

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