Giuliani Was Paid $500,000 To Consult For Indicted Associate’s Firm

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Rudy Giuliani confirmed on Monday that he received $500,000 for consulting work involving Lev Parnas' company.

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, was paid $500,000 in 2018 for consulting work he performed for a company co-founded by one of the Ukrainian-born businessmen arrested last week on campaign finance charges.

Giuliani confirmed to Reuters on Monday that his management and security consulting firm, Giuliani Partners, worked with Lev Parnas’ firm Fraud Guarantee around August 2018.

Parnas, who was one of two Giuliani associates arrested last week while attempting to flee the country, also assisted the president’s attorney with his pressure campaign seeking an investigation of Joe Biden in Ukraine.

The New York Times previously reported that Parnas told associates he had paid Giuliani hundreds of thousands of dollars, Reuters noted, but Monday was the first that Giuliani put out the figure of $500,000.

Reuters also noted that an indictment unsealed by U.S. prosecutors revealed that an unidentified Russian businessman twice arranged for wires of $500,000 to be transferred from foreign bank accounts to an account in the U.S. controlled by Igor Fruman, another of Giuliani’s associates who worked in concert with Parnas.

Those wires were sent in September and October 2018.

“The money was used, in part, by Fruman, Parnas and two other men charged in the indictment to gain influence with U.S. politicians and candidates,” Reuters reported, per the indictment.

Giuliani maintained that the fees he was paid for his consulting work “did not come from foreigners. I can rule that out 100%.”

“I know beyond any doubt the source of the money is not any questionable source,” he told Reuters — though Giuliani declined to say whether the money came directly from Fraud Guarantee or another source.

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