Giuliani’s New Theory: Collusion Is Not A Crime Because It Ended By The Election

Collusion isn't a crime, Rudy Giuliani said, but it doesn't matter because "it was over by the time of the election."

America has spent the past two years trying to determine whether or not President Donald Trump coordinated with Russia during his 2016 bid for the presidency, but Trump’s personal attorney says it doesn’t matter either way.

Why? Because “it was over by the time of the election.”

Rudy Giuliani also on Sunday that “collusion is not a crime” in the first place.

Via Newsweek:

During ABC’s This Week on Sunday, host George Stephanopoulos asked Giuliani to comment on the fact that Michael Cohen—Trump's former attorney—provided “valuable information” to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian campaign meddling and possible collusion between the then-presidential candidate's campaign team and Moscow officials.

“I have no idea what they’re talking about,” Giuliani responded. “I know that collusion is not a crime. It was over with by the time of the election.”

Asked if Trump knew Cohen was still working on the Trump Tower Moscow deal in the summer of 2016, Giuliani replied: “Until you actually sit down and answer the questions, and you go back and look at the papers... You’re not going to know what happened,” the attorney said.

Giuliani also claimed Trump did not know about Donald Trump Jr.’s infamous meeting with Russians at Trump Tower and said he didn’t think the president had a tip-off about Wikileaks dumping the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s emails, which occurred in the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election. “But if Roger Stone gave anyone a heads up about Wikileaks leaks, that’s not a crime,” Giuliani added.

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