Giuliani’s Estranged Wife Says Rudy Spent $900K On His Married Mistress

Screengrab/Fox News/YouTube

Rudy Giuliani's soon-to-be ex-wife Judith wasn't too happy about Giuliani's alleged spending habits toward his mistress.

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and his third wife, Judith, are in the midst of a divorce, and during their first hearing, Judith said her husband spent an exorbitant amount of money on his mistress since she filed for divorce earlier this year.

Via People:

> Giuliani’s third wife, Judith, claimed in New York state court on Wednesday that he spent nearly $900,000 since April, when she filed for divorce after 15 years of marriage. Judith alleged the former New York City mayor, 74, paid $286,532 to support his alleged mistress, Maria Rosa Ryan, $447,938 “for his own enjoyment” and $165,165 for travel expenses, according to multiple news outlets.


> Judith’s claims about her former spouse’s spending come after he reportedly said that he cannot afford to pay spousal support of $63,000 a month. In addition, it was made known in court that Giuliani made $9.5 million last year but made “just shy of $5 million” this year, according to Page Six.


> “Mr. Giuliani claims financial trouble, financial trouble that existed only post-commencement [of the divorce proceeding], according to his statements,” Judith’s attorney told the judge in court, as reported by Page Six. “His actions and his finances and his expenses don’t comport with the claim of his income diminishment.”

Judith’s attorney said she “doesn’t care about romantic interests” but that Judith does care that "these expenses for these people are continuing while she has not received any direct support since August of this year.”

Giuliani’s wife also took issue with his decision to work for the president free of charge, arguing he should have continued working with his law firm Greenberg Traurig.

But Giuliani’s attorney fired back, saying that Giuliani had given his wife plenty of cash in recent months:

> Giuliani’s attorney said of $90,000 that supposedly went toward jewelry for Ryan, “some of it was for Mr. Giuliani, some of it was for gifts for other people,” later adding that Giuliani has spent more than $1 million to Judith in the past six months, according to Page Six.

His attorney also suggested that Judith has no right to dictate how Giuliani spends his working hours:

> “At age 74, if he chooses to work without compensation for the president rather than, say, at a private law firm, I submit that he should be entitled to do so.”

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