Giuliani Gave Biden/Laptop Story To NYPOST Because They Wouldn’t Fact Check It

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Rudy Giuliani said other publications either wouldn't take the story or wanted to verify the data.

Rudy Giuliani says he chose the New York Post for publishing emails allegedly obtained from a laptop belonging to Joe Biden’s son because other publications were concerned with the story’s veracity.

  • Giuliani told The New York Times he went with the Post because “either nobody else would take it, or if they took it, they would spend all the time they could to try to contradict it before they put it out.”
  • Even so, not everyone at the Post was thrilled with the decision to run with the story, according to The Times report.

The New York Post’s front-page article about Hunter Biden on Wednesday was written mostly by a staff reporter who refused to put his name on it, two Post employees said.

Many Post staff members questioned whether the paper had done enough to verify the authenticity of the hard drive’s contents, said five people with knowledge of the tabloid’s inner workings. Staff members also had concerns about the reliability of its sources and its timing, the people said.

Top editors met on Oct. 11 to discuss how to use the material provided by Mr. Giuliani. The group included the tabloid veteran Colin Allan, known as Col; Stephen Lynch, The Post’s editor in chief; and Michelle Gotthelf, the digital editor in chief, according to a person with knowledge of the meeting. Mr. Allan, who was The Post’s editor in chief from 2001 to 2016 and returned last year as an adviser, urged his colleagues to move quickly, the person said.

  • Allan told The Times in an email, “The senior editors at The Post made the decision to publish the Biden files after several days’ hard work established its merit.”
  • However, the newspaper noted that neither it nor The Washington Post nor The Wall Street Journal have been able to independently verify the data in the Post’s story, “which included hedging language, referring at one point to an email “allegedly sent” to Hunter Biden.”

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