Giuliani Celebrates Collapse Of Trump’s Impeachment Trial With Fat Cigar


Trump's personal attack dog warned that Trump's opponents will soon feel the sting of revenge as the impeachment closes.

Rudy Giuliani celebrated the imminent collapse of the impeachment effort with a cigar and suggested that President Trump’s enemies will soon feel the sting of revenge, according to New York Daily News

Trump’s personal attorney and attack dog tweeted a photo of himself celebrating the all-but-certain acquittal of Trump.

“Folks celebrating the end of this attempted coup. All asking me are Biden, Schiff, Comey, Hillary, etc going to get away with this. I told them keep watching,” he said. 

Republican senators voted on Friday night not to hear witnesses or evidence and an acquittal vote is expected on Wednesday. 

It’s unclear what Giuliani meant when he told supporters to “keep watching” for possible retaliation against Trump’s opponents, but the president has taken past victories as a green light to carry out more improper acts against critics. 

Just a day after Republicans celebrated what Trump called vindication from Robert Mueller’s report on the Russia collusion scandal, Trump placed the infamous call on July 25 to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. 

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