Giuliani Brought His Mistress To The State Dinner On Friday Night


Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani stepped out in Washington, D.C., with mistress Maria Ryan on Friday night.

President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani attended the lavish state dinner hosted at the White House in honor of Australian Prime Minister Minister Scott Morrison and his wife Jenny — and his plus one was Giuliani’s mistress, Maria Ryan.

Giuliani, who is currently in the middle of a nasty divorce from his third wife, Judith Nathan, long denied that he and Ryan were an item. But Nathan, with whom Giuliani had an affair while married to his second wife, has accused the former New York City mayor of cheating with Ryan during their marriage.

As of 2018, Ryan was also married.

But Giuliani’s lack of candor and moral compass goes far beyond the privacy of his romantic relationships.

As CNN’s Chris Cuomo broke down on Friday, the president’s attorney is out in front of Trump’s current Ukraine scandal attempting to spin what appears to be undeniably wrong behavior.

Giuliani wants the American people to believe that he and Trump “deeply believe that [former Vice President Joe Biden] and his son were and are corrupt,” Cuomo said, in hopes of “taking the sting” out of the truth that it is the president who engaged in corrupt behavior.

And he also wants the country to stay focused on whether the president’s actions were illegal, rather than a gross abuse of power — the latter being an impeachable offense.

“[Giuliani] purposefully conflates the two,” Cuomo said, “in order to confuse and excuse.”

Watch Cuomo’s commentary:


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