Giuliani Admits He Likely Worked With A Russian Spy To Hurt Biden

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Rudy Giuliani acknowledged that his associate Andrii Derkach could be a Russian spy but appeared unconcerned.

Rudy Giuliani has admitted one of his associates in the quest for dirt on Joe Biden might be a Russian spy, telling The Daily Beast that there is a “50/50” chance.

Via Business Insider:

"The chance that Derkach is a Russian spy is no better than 50/50," Giuliani said, referring to his associate, the Ukrainian government official Andrii Derkach whom the US Treasury Department in September designated for sanctions over his "attempting to influence the US electoral process."

The former mayor told The Daily Beast he believed the sanctions against Derkach were the result of "an intelligence ploy to try to create problems for Trump." As The Daily Beast noted, a number of Giuliani associates have been arrested by US law enforcement or otherwise barred from entering the US.

Also in the interview, Giuliani told The Daily Beast he believed claims or concerns that the recent leaks were part of a disinformation campaign orchestrated by a foreign government "were a bunch of bulls--t." Giuliani, 76, also confirmed that he had previously informed President Trump about the contents of the leaked files.

Giuliani said other top Republicans, including Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), also were previously informed about the content of the hacked materials.

Business Insider noted that The New York Post’s report on the Biden/Burisma emails “is filled with holes and red flags that raise questions about its authenticity, including whether the leaked emails are legitimate, how they were obtained, and who obtained them.”

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