Girls As Young As 12 Are Having Their Menstrual Cycles Tracked By The Gov't


Girls as young as age 12 are having their periods tracked by the government.

The U.S. government still has not released any update on the whereabouts of nearly 1,500 migrant children. And despite a court order to stop separating families, officials have taken 245 more children away from their parents.

New reports show that the U.S. government is committing more horrifying acts by tracking the menstrual cycles of teenage migrant girls to allegedly prevent them from receiving abortions, Harper’s Bazaar reports. 28 pages outlining the period cycle, pregnancies, and cause of pregnancies (whether or not it was by rape) of teen girls as young as 12 were recently released.

Keeping records of how far along pregnant women are may be somewhat reasonable, but there is almost no reason to identify the cause of their pregnancy. It is almost certain that the tracking was used to prevent the girls from receiving abortions.

We know this largely because anti-abortion advocate Scott Lloyd was in charge of the monitoring process.

He served as the head of refugee resettlement at the peak of child separation practices, having since been removed from that position. Lloyd implemented the new practice of personally signing off on abortion requests. And, in one case, he attempted to test an "abortion reversal" method on one migrant girl.

Records show that Lloyd pressured young women out of seeking an abortion. In one email, he mentions that a pregnant girl under his supervision was seeking—but being prevented from having—an abortion and feeling suicidal.

In response, he wrote: “The clinician describes her demeanor as 'obnoxious' and that 'the unborn child is in our care so the medical team should continue with standard prenatal care.'" He wrote that she could proceed with the abortion only after having "spiritual counseling" and obtaining parental consent.

The tracking practices continued even after the ACLU stepped in to stop the government from interfering with migrant women seeking abortions.

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