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Lawyers for British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, who is best known for being Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime girlfriend and associate, say she is being intensely watched in jail since her arrest in early July, according to CNBC.

  • Maxwell stands accused of grooming and sexually assaulting underage girls, while assisting Epstein in his international child prostitution ring.
  • Maxwell has been “subjected to suicide watch protocols” in an attempt to keep her from killing herself like Epstein did in August of last year, according to the report..
  • In a new court filing, her lawyers report that she is “being woken up every few hours during the night and being forced to wear special clothing.” The filing also states that “she continues to be surveilled 24 hours a day by security cameras and by multiple prison guards, many of whom do not appear to be regular MDC personnel.”
  • Maxwell’s lawyers request that she is moved into the general inmate population in the Brooklyn, New York jail “so that she can meaningfully participate in her defense.” They also request that she receive “significantly increased access to a computer terminal in order to review” evidence in her case.
  • In the letter to the judge, her lawyers expressed that “as a result of what occurred with Mr. Epstein, Ms. Maxwell is being treated worse than other similarly situated pretrial detainees, which significantly impacts her ability to prepare a defense and be ready for trial on the schedule set by the Court.”