“Get Him!”: White Woman Calls Police On Black Man For Driving A Nice, New Car

Screengrab / Cleveland 19 News


A woman in Ohio called 911 assuming the Black man loading groceries into an expensive new SUV must have stolen it.

A Black Ohio man was stopped by police last month after a woman called 911 assuming he had stolen the expensive new car he was loading groceries into, according to local news station Cleveland 19 News.

  • Philip Evans, 35, was loading his groceries into his car in the parking lot of a Giant Eagle when he noticed a woman pointing her phone at him. She would later follow him in her vehicle.
  • Evans said: “I’m like: is this lady videoing me, is she taking pictures of me?”

“There’s a brand-new SUV Infinity, black, and sitting in the parking lot and the guy kept looking around and looking around loading up his groceries,” said a woman in a 911 call.

“What does the male look like that’s driving?” the 911 operator asked the caller. “Uh, tall black gentleman, shorts, T-shirt and he had a mask on,” the caller replied. “He’s going real slow. He’s just acting real funny, loaded up the car and he just kept looking around.”

  • Solon Police said the woman thought the car might be stolen, particularly after noticing there was no license plate.
  • Evans ultimately was pulled over by police, an interaction he said went fine but could have gone differently.

“It’s scary to think about you know that just because I was getting groceries and I had a nice car somebody saw that and didn’t think I deserved that and that could lead to potentially me being shot and killed, so it’s a scary thought thinking I wasn’t gonna make it home to my kids,” said Evans.

“I heard the recording and the part at the end where she says ‘I hope you get him,’ that like kind of really, kind of really hurts. Like what does she want them to get me for? She didn’t see me do anything wrong,” said Evans.

  • Police said Evans was pulled over for a plate violation, because although his temporary plate was in the back window, the tint made it difficult to see. The officer told him to move it.

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