Geraldo Says Something Intelligent: Why Does Trump Pick Dumb Fights?

Screengrab/Fox News/YouTube

"All I know is, we have bigger fish to fry here." - Geraldo Rivera

After the president took to Twitter with a seemingly fabricated story about refusing Time Magazine's 'Person of the Year' offer, Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera questioned why Trump continues to pick such fights:

"To me, this is another big distraction, what the hell?" Rivera said. "I don’t know why the President is always punching down, why he’s picking fights that are meaningless.”

Rivera called Trump's tweet another "big distraction":

"All I know is, we have bigger fish to fry here," Rivera said. "The president had a fake Time magazine 'Person of the Year' cover for many years, I know. Maybe in our generation it still counts for something. But I wish the president, really..." he added, "We have other things to do."