George Wallace’s Daughter Reflects On Racial Unrest: ‘America Is Hurting’

Megan Everts

Peggy Wallace Kennedy, daughter of segregationist George Wallace, hopes that race relations in America can improve.

Peggy Wallace Kennedy, daughter of “one of the most notorious segregationists of the 20th century,” George Wallace, “expressed disappointment at the lack of progress made on race relations,” reported CNN.

  • Kennedy has worked to leave a different legacy than her father by speaking out against racial inequalities and injustices.
  • CNN wrote: “Given her own journey from daughter of a segregationist to civil rights advocate, she said her message to white Americans who are on their own journey of understanding is to learn to see people with their heart.”
  • Reflecting on the recent protests that have erupted over the death of George Floyd, she told CNN during a recent interview that “America is hurting” and “America is divided.”

"Every American has dreams and beliefs and they should, I'm sure George Floyd had dreams and for his daughter, Gianna. And I, I just, um, I just think that we should be further along on race relations, but we are not," she said.

  • Kennedy continued: "I think we -- we've slipped these last few years. We need to believe in ourselves again, and we need to believe in our fellow man. Again, we need to learn to see people with our hearts rather than our minds, because that will teach us the lessons of unconditional love.”

Kennedy said she hopes that “by accepting her past... she can encourage others to make the uncomfortable choice to speak out and embrace change.”

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