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Since 1984, Senator Mitch McConnell has held onto his seat with an iron fist. But according to USA Today affiliate news site Courier Journal, George Takei could present a challenge to McConnell’s reign.

“The actor famous among Star Trek fans for his role as USS Enterprise pilot Hikaru Sulu and, more recently, well-known as a left-leaning political advocate, tweeted Thursday that he's ‘tempted’ to move to Kentucky just to run against the Kentucky senator and Senate Majority Leader,” the Journal reports.

And while Takei is not a Kentucky native, the only thing that’s required to run for Kentucky senator is to live in the state, and if he does indeed change his residence to the state, he can challenge McConnell’s seat as early as next year.

And while it’s not known what resources Takei has at his disposal for a potential political career, he does have the support of Luke Skywalker himself.

“I’m tempted to move to Kentucky just so I could vote for you. #DitchMitch,” Mark Hamill tweeted in response to Takei.

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